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Prioritize work to maximize value

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Sync teams, minimize lead time and waste

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Taskstreamer process

Challenges we solve

Taskstreamers algorithms automatically calculate the optimal roadmap for you, based on the defined work in the backlog. Change or update anything on the backlog, team sizes or your strategy and the roadmap is updated immediately.

We provide you with a what-if analyser to see what will happen if you change your strategy, add new work or change the size of your team(s).

Now you actually have time to analyse your roadmap and make the right choices and not waste time making the roadmap.
If teams do not have a clear and useful method to prioritize their work, it is hard for them to explain why they prioritize the way they do any Stakeholder. When teams with dependencies don't work with the same prioritization method, this will result in longer lead times and waste. This simply costs a lot of money for any organization.

Taskstreamer enables the context sensitive priority method Value Bucket Model to set clear priorities and align your teams to maximize the value for your organization.

Your lead times and waste will be minimal, it will be clear what tasks to focus on to move forward, saving you money.
Strategy is often communicated to the organization through presentations once every x months. The planned work is supposed to strive towards the goals set in the strategy. Then we is everyone complaining the teams are not working on the right things?

The teams could actually well be, but no one actually knows. Ambiguity triggers complaining.

Taskstreamer let's you define your Strategy through OKR, OGSM or Themes with measurable goals. Furthermore you can link the prioritized work on the backlog to your Strategy. Now if you change priorities on a strategic level, every team immediately sees their backlog change and can adapt accordingly.

Now everyone does know and can be made aware of their responsibility.
Do you have traditional projects with Project Managers and Agile teams in your organization? Then chances are the projects need the Agile teams to do work for them. But agile teams do not prioritize specifically for projects but for all their Stakeholders.

Project Managers often try to push their work up the priority ladder to meet their deadlines. This leads to frustration on both ends and loss of value.

Taskstreamer lets you define projects and create a planning for it with Agile backlog items linked to it. These work item can't be changed by the Project Manager but they can see how that work aligns with the rest of the project.

Furthermore management can change the prioritiy of a project through the priority model. This means the Agile team priorities can be directed towards the project. Immediate alignment!

Our Benefits

for managers

for Managers

  • Align strategy to operational teams
  • Know the effects of decisions before they are made
for product owners

for Product Owners

  • Objectively prioritize work for value
  • Communicate progress based on Continuous Roadmaps in real-time
for stakeholders

for Stakeholders

  • Stay on top of progress
  • Understand how work is prioritized and why

How it works

Value Bucket Model

Use the Value Bucket Model to be able to prioritize your work for value. It is defined within the context of your organization

Creating value model is done in 3 steps: set, normalize and weigh your value parameters.

Taskstreamer translates the actual value for Epics to a score for easy communication and alignment. Everyone sees what is most valuable to work on first.
Value Bucket Model
Value Bucket Model input

Central Epic Backlog

Within a value group (or department) teams work together and share their Epic Backlog. It shows all the Epics, the teams working on them, what the team dependencies are, their value, effort and priority in a single overview.

Before working on an Epic it should be approved by all necessary teams so everybody is on board.

What to focus on?
Epics in progress to make sure they are on track and unapproved Epics to prepare the next big thing.
Central Epic Backlog
Epic Backlog

Continuous Roadmap

The Epic Backlog translates into a Continuous Roadmap that can be used to inform Stakeholders, check progress and shows what's next. We call it continuous since it is updated in real-time with every information update that is made.

Whenever a team is faster (or slower) than expected, new value is discovered, dependencies or strategies change, our algorithm calculates the new optimal sequence in which to do things. Every team can be updated for their next sprint to achieve maximum value.

Our roadmap is an actual view on data, not some Gantt chart someone tries to make fit through drag and drop features.

Portfolio Planning
Combining the roadmaps of all your Value Groups transforms into your Portfolio Planning. Filter it anyway you like. You have control.
Continuous roadmap
Continuous Roadmap

Now next later
Now, Next, Later view

Link Strategy to Epics

Strategy is not set in stone and your preferences will change over time. It is important that execution can be influenced in their prioritization. Use OKR, OGSM and/or Themes to define Strategy and connect it to the Value Bucket Model.

By linking Epics to Strategy, you can see when work is expected to be done based on the Continues Roadmaps that Taskstreamer generates. Everytime an Epic is updated, its entire impact will be shown.

So now you know where to act.
Link epics to strategy
Link Epics to Strategy

Run what-if scenarios

So you think a change in priorities is necessary. Usually when an Epic gets a higher priority to be delivered sooner, other Epics will have to wait. Do you know which ones? Probably not. Is that acceptable to you?

Do you want to know what the effects of your decisions are beforehand?

Taskstreamer lets you run what-if scenarios with different Strategy and Theme weights, a change in Value Bucket Model, team capacity or to check the impact of new (not yet approved) Epics. We will show you what the changes in priority will be and how that affects expected delivery windows.
What if analysis
What-if analysis

Our Integrations

Taskstreamer plays nice with other applications based on API’s. If we don’t publicly offer a specific one yet, just ask.
  • 2-way sync for all issues per project
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Link Commits and Pull Requests to Stories
  • Do your Story poker sessions in Slack

What people say about us

Taskstreamer increases efficiency on prioritizing and adding value. It helps our planning and structures discussion. Taskstreamer gives an easy overview what is going on and what dependencies to manage. We could plan our entire organization in Taskstreamer.
Independant user research February 2020 - Intergamma
Taskstreamer enabled us to align our teams and have them collaborate on our roadmap efficiently.
Arthur van Weeren - Head of Technology & Innovation
Arthur van Weeren Intergamma

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