What happens after you sign up?

At our sign up form you can ask for your own workspace at Taskstreamer.

You'd might expect to automatically receive a login and can click around. Well, that won't happen. So what will?

We will receive your request via email and will setup your account manually. Although we could easily automate this and give you instant access, we want you to get the most value from the experience and not waste your time. This means we will first ask you what you hope to learn and what value you expect to get from Taskstreamer or what problem(s) you'd like to see solved.

This way we can setup your account with example content that will fit to your purpose. Next to that we will give you an explanation document tailored to your needs and expectations and the offer to walk you through the application during a live demo. Your choice ofcourse.

We create custom walk-throughs and specific actionable steps for you to reach the goals you've told us on what you want to learn or hope to achieve by using Taskstreamer.

Within your trial you will have 30 days to use all the features we offer. There are some limitations towards number of teams and Epics you can add, this is because we don't want to limit this after your trial ends and your free account is activated.

Use for free

You can use Taskstreamer for free for up to 8 teams. No credit card required.